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Needed Pellet Rifle Laws- Town Ordinance

Published on 9 July 2022 at 23:11

When I go to bed at night, I'm out cold for the night. I have a sleeping disorder so I take sleeping pills just so I can go to sleep. I'm not the best candidate for an emergency contact for middle of the night phone calls. This particular night though, I actually heard my phone. My daughter, Lexi, was staying the night at a friends house and it was around midnight when my phone rang. I answered, half asleep but still coherent, and Lexi is crying saying her friends mom wants to talk to me. The mother gets on the phone and tells me Lexi has been shot in the leg with a pellet rifle. Her husband and son were looking for the boys that did it. I said I'm on my way.

I get there and Lexi is still in pain but is walking around. The dad of the house came back and said he had made a bonfire for the girls and a couple boys, which they knew and were ok with being there, had bought some hot dogs and stuff to make s'mores. They were all minding their business being good. A couple other boys show up uninvited, one being 18, with a pellet rifle and said they were going to shoot it out in the field. Lexi's friend said no your not, as what he was referring to as a field was not a field, and asked him to leave. Another boy grabbed Lexi's cell phone out of her back pocket, took off running, then tossed it to the 18 yr old with the pellet rifle. Lexi took off running after them. At some point he had thrown her phone but it being dark, she didn't see that. The boys ran to the apartments next to the house they were at. Lexi heads back to the house by walking in the street and she hears pop, pop, pop. One of those pops she felt something hit her leg but didn't know at the time what it was.

Skipping ahead, the dad, the brother, Lexi and myself went to the apartments and found the boys. Now I'm going to try my best to set up the scene for you before moving on.


The boy is up there by that house and said he was trying to shoot that bus beside that building. That's Lexi walking back to her friends house. Now you tell me how that was an accident if he was trying to hit that bus but hit Lexi down in the street in a completely different direction and shot at her three times?

I called the Police and two officers showed up. They questioned Lexi, her friends dad and another boy that was with him. Then they pulled the boy that shot her over to the side and talked with him. He told the Police it was an accident and he was leaving for boot camp that next morning. The police drove him home. He left for boot camp the next morning.

Tell me, what's wrong with this scenario? Also, after doing my research, there are no city ordinances on pellet rifles/guns in this town at all. But I thought there were ethics and other laws that were to be followed.

update since this happened:

The shooter went to court after returning from boot camp for this incident. HE got 6 mo. Probation $1 fine and court costs. I thought we were to be notified of things going on but nope. Saw him on mobile patrol HE got 6 mo. Probation $1 fine and court costs. I thought we were to be notified of things going on but nope. Saw him on mobile patrol.




He is now in jail and has been for quite awhile for unrelated charges.


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