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Why I decided to become a Paralegal

Published on 28 August 2022 at 10:58

Sometimes I think, if I told a person that I just met, my story of all my life events, they would think I was just a person with a ridiculously huge imagination. But that is far from the truth. Life is your biggest lesson. Experiences run hand in hand with life lessons. I have had too many to mention however, the latest instances are what really inspired me. I will go into more detail about each one in future posts but here is a sum up of why I decided to learn more about law.

My fiancé’s mom passed away September of 2021. She only had two sons. Some other family but no one close that she was leaving anything too. My fiancé was the Executor of the estate. I was trying to help him out with Probate. I did so much research and filled out the forms that I took to the courthouse to be filed. The people in the clerk’s office were not genuinely nice, no help, and kept telling me that anything and everything I would turn in was not correct. I got beyond frustrated. We ended up finding Mariah McGhee on Legal Match Whom I would recommend to anyone needing help with their estate issues. She was beyond wonderful to work with!

Second incident that has pushed me is, my 92 yr. old Grandmother has dementia. Many things have transpired such as POA issues, family bullying, power struggles, and many other things that have happened that has also made me want to know more about the law. I have found, the closer it hits home with me, the more I get determined to find answers.

And finally, my 18 yr. old daughter has been charged with an F6 felony battery charge from a school fight. Now this issue is one I will not stop at any lengths to research the entire situation. Again, when time is appropriate, I will tell this story in detail and maybe you can relate somehow because you have been in a comparable situation, but I do want to go ahead and say, my daughters’ rights were violated also during this encounter

My dream would be to work with the Innocence Project. Too many innocent people are charged and/or convicted of crimes they did not do. I do not think anyone understands or knows that when I have a passion about something, I will go to the ends of the earth to find answers. A way to contribute to my fire that burns in me to help people is to become the person who contributes to the research, answers and hopefully acquit or set free innocent people. 

Stay tuned for more detailed stories. Some may sound like something out of a book or a documentary you would watch but these are my true-life stories.


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